The 150 watt Diode Laser has a wavelength of 980uM ,which is equally well absorbed in water and blood,both abundantly contained in the Prostate Gland.This property of the laser makes it the ideal tool for transurethral removal of this gland by a technique developed in the Lions Kidney Hospital,and called Diode Laser Enucleation of the Prostate, abbreviated as DioLEP.

The technique removes benign prostate tissue in a completely bloodless fashion, thereby reducing catheter time to approx 36 hours,and hospitalization to about 48 hrs.The attached video shows my technique,which has now been used by Dr G S kochhar at several hospitals in Delhi NCR, New Delhi,in more than 550 patients over the last nine years,with excellent results,and without any recurrance of beign hypertrophy.