Dr. Gs KochharDr. Gurinder Singh Kochhar is one of the most senior urologist & surgeon and have more than 39 years of active clinical practice in urology. He passed his MBBS from All India Institute Medical Sciences, New Delhi-110029 in May 1978. He continued his training and attained experience in the AIIMS in form of M.S. in General Surgery in May 1981 and M. Ch. in Urology in May 1983. In October 1983, he was awarded the Diplomat of the National Board of Urology. He was then appointed Consultant in Urology at the Sir Gangaram Hospital in 1984,and,between 1989 and 1997, he has headed the Urology Departments at G.M.Modi Hospital, Sitaram Institute and Holy Family Hospitals.

He is a Founder Director of the Lions Kidney Hospital & Urology Research Institute.He is a Member of the Delhi Urological Society,Urological Society of India,and American Urological Association and has presented several papers in Urology Conferences in India and abroad. His special field of interest is in Prostatic diseases and Urological Cancers and Urogynaecology.

Dr. Gurinder Singh Kochhar qualified as M. Ch. Urologist surgeon in 1983 from the ALL INDIA INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL SCIENCE and was awarded the Diplomat of the National Board of Urology in 1984 by the National Academy of Medical Sciences. From 1984-1989, he has worked as Consultant Urologist to Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, as well as to G.M. Modi Hospital & Sita Ram Bharti Institute Of Science & research.

He was empanelled as Senior Consultant Urologist at Holy Family Hospital for the last over 21 years and is one of the Founder Directors of Lions Kidney hospital since its inception in April 2004.He is also attached to Primus Superspeciality Hospital as Sr Consultant.

His field of specialization is Urological cancer Surgery especially surgery for Prostate Cancer & Bladder cancer and he has the largest experience in Diode Laser surgery of Prostate, which is the most bloodless surgery for benign enlargement of prostate, introduced as recently as February 2009.

Clinical Experience

Exclusive practice of Urological Surgery for last 39 Years, since 1981.

Positions Held

1. Sr. Consultant Urology & Oncology Delhi Urological Center, March 1995 to Date.
2. Visiting Urologist to EHIRC & NHI, 1992 to Date.
3. Sr. Consultant Urology & Endourology Lions Kidney Hospital, April 2004 to June 2018
4. Sr. Consultant Urology & Endourology Holy Family Hospital, Feb 1989-Aug 2010
5. Sr.Consultant Urologist,Sitaram Bhartia Institute, 1995-1997.
6. Chief Consult Urologist,GM Modi Hospital, 1992-1995.
7. Consultant Urologic Surgeon, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi, October 1984-1988.
8. Senior Resident in Urologic Surgery, All India Institute of Medical Sciences(AIIMS) July 1978-June 1981.
9. Rotating Internship at the A.I.I.M.S Hospital July 1977 to June 1978
10. Clinical Training at the A.I.I.M.S Hospital as a Medical Student January 1974 to June 1977.

Membership and Awards.

1. Member Delhi Urology Society(DUS).
2. Member Urological Society of India.(USI)
3. Member American Urological Association(AUA)
4. Several Awards at conferences attended at India and abroad.

Areas of Special Expertise:

1. Bloodless and incision less endoscopic surgical removal of all sizes of benign adenoma of prostate,upto 250 gms.
2. Endoscopic correction of vesicoureteral reflux in children and adults,using Teflon,macroplastique and deflux particles.
3. Percutaneous removal of all sizes of renal and ureteric stones,using latest equipments and miniature scopes and incisions.
4. Laparoscopic ablative surgeries for kidney tumours and nephron saving surgeries for small and medium renal masses.

Specialisations / Treatments

  • kidney Diseases

    Endoscopic management of all types of kidney stones-any size, any number, by standard, mini and micropcnl.

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  • Ureter

    Endoscopic treatment of ureteric stones.
    Obstruction to ureter by intramural pathology like stones, debris, clots, tumours.

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  • Bladder

    Congenital Problems like extrophy/absence of bladder.
    Too big bladder(megacystitis) too small (contracted).

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  • Prostate

    Benign enlargement of prostate.
    Medical management.
    Surgical management by tur-p for small prostate.

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  • Urinary Pipe (Urethra)

    Female problems-caruncle,stenosis,incompetence.
    Stress urinary incontinence by transobturator tape and slingoperations.

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  • Penile Problems

    Infection and Inflammations.
    Sexually transmitted diseases.
    Penile injuries, fractures, and deformities.

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  • Scortum

    Hydrocoel, varicocoel, infections inflammation
    Testicular tumours.
    Surgical management of male infertility.

  • Paediatric Urology

    Endoscopic management of congenital.
    Obstruction to kidneys,ureters,bladder and urethra.
    Surgical correction of foreskin problems, Short frenulum, penile curvature(bending of penis) and torsion(rotation of penis)

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  • Urinary Incontinence

    Involuntary loss of urine, whether by birth or after surgery or childbirth, or in association with old age: always treatable,sometimes curable.

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