Baby Arushi
Treated for repeated urinary infections by endoscopic correction of vesicoureteral reflux, at age 3 years, now 17 years old and doing well.

Master Gurmeet Singh
Operated for posterior urethral valves at age 4 , now 30 year old, married, having one daughter.

Abdul khalil
operated for prostate cancer at primus in 2011 still free of disease and leading normal life in afghanistan.

Ayesha Abdullah
Ayesha Abdullah, had total correction for extrophy bladder, now a happy schoolgoing girl in ambuja, nigeria with good cosmesis and urine control.

Mr. Chandanlal Sharma
Mr. Chandanlal Sharma farmer in mathura,had new bladder constructed in 1991 by dr kochhar in holyfamily hospital, doing well with full continence, even after 26 years.